Sharon Van Epps

New essay at Grown and Flown

Like so many parents, when the recent college admissions scandal broke I felt shocked/not shocked. I mean, cheating on the SAT and ACT — that happens, right? But the creation […]

Getting Started as a Writer: Finding a News Peg

I published a new essay this week, titled Sexism Against Female Athletes Starts Early. Just Ask My Daughter, tied to the drama surrounding Serena Williams and the disastrous US Open […]

Career advice from a master: David Sedaris

Recently, I heard from an editor who’d published an essay of mine a few years ago. She’s moved into corporate communications, where the $$$ is much better than in publishing, […]

Getting Started as a Writer

It happens often: a woman, usually a mom, confesses to me that she’d maybe like to write one day. Or she does write a little, and she’d maybe like to […]