Sharon Van Epps

For all you writers: the aspiring, the struggling, the enduring

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I guess I could call myself an aspiring, a struggling, AND an enduring writer. I haven’t been blogging much  (ok, at all) because 2015 is my year to write a book.

I signed up for a course called “Novel in a Year” with Ellen Sussman, the author of French Lessons, a New York Times bestseller, along with several other novels, including her latest, A Wedding in Provence. My book is actually not a novel, it’s a memoir, but the class is still a perfect fit, since it’s all about getting guidance and butt-kicking from a master teacher,  and support from other writers  who all have a story to tell.

Last week Ellen sent us this video from Ira Glass that I thought was amazing — and the advice applies to more than writing, doesn’t it?